Introduction: Competitive Brood War

More recently a flood of threads were opened on several Brood War pages, such as r/broodwar/ and Teamliquid, with similar content. New players wanted to learn the game, but didn’t know where to start. I quickly realized that most of the information is there, but scattered over dozens of sources, flawed or badly structured. It seems somewhat sensible to create a portal with the FAQs for new players – and here we are.

It doesn’t matter if you’re entirely new to Brood War, or if you are stuck in the lower ranks of competitive server: This section is for you. I’ll add bit by bit what you need to learn in order to improve. The content will range from FAQs (technical information) to more advanced strategy ideas. Every chapter can be read as stand-alone content, or phrased differently, is written in a way that allows you to pause and start reading later on. A word of warning though: I created the following articles mainly to provide information for those who seek to improve in the most common Brood War modes: Ordinary „low maps“. I do not discourage anyone from trying out other modes, such as playing on Big Game Hunters, TMA or whatnot – but it’s something that’ll be missing here.

  1. The FAQs
  2. First Steps 1: Handling The Game (Macromanagement)
  3. First Steps 2: Handling Fights (Micromanagement and Scouting)
  4. First Steps 3: An Intro to Strategy (Build Order Basics)
  5. Common Problems: Dealing with Aggression in the Early Game


The very first chapter – the FAQs – are written for beginners only; not those, who are already playing, but for those, who are still trying to figure out if the game is worth playing.

Chapters 2 and 3 provide bascis for absolute beginners, those who just started playing, or struggle to leave the D-/D Ranks on ICCup. Most advanced players can’t really learn anything new here.

Chapter 4 is an introduction to strategy. Some of Brood War’s sland is explained, as well as the difference between “strategies” and “Build Orders”. Also, a tutorial on how to read Build Orders can be found here. The end of the article gives some very general rules of strategy, which help a beginner to make “better” decisions and ultimatively help to train more effectively. Overall, players in between D- and a mid D+ ranking might learn something here.

Chapter 5 – as the title suggests – tells you how to deal with aggression against standard openings in the early game. It’s all about prevention, and of most use for those, who just got their first hundred of games behind them.


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