Beyond the Game (7)

The Quarter Finals did not feature too surprising or thrilling games. Dashwriter lost to JulyZerg and thusly finished as best German in WCG 2006, ooV took down White-Ra, Draco defeated Overdrive and Midas had no problem throwing out the Mexican Stym. The fourth professional player, the Chinese Protoss Legend, used Dark Templars and Shuttles to completely destroy the Brazillian Terran ReasoN twice in a row. Testie and the Chinese Phoenix66 advanced without big problems as well.


The Quarter Finals were more exciting, as two of the foreign favourites would meet Koreans again. The first was Testie as Protoss against the Korean Midas. The opening was played on Azelea, a huge four player map, designed to support macro heavy strategies. It was fairly easy to expand twice, once to the natural and once to a mineral only. This is exactly what Midas did, he took both his bases rather fast after opening with a Fake Double. Testie expanded once and tried to drop a Reaver, while getting his own third. The harassment was denied, Midas lost one Siege Tank, nothing else. This threw off Testie’s timing by a lot and he couldn’t help but lose to the upcoming mid game attack. Midas was up 1-0 with Testie barely showing his full set of skills. On the second map, Gaia, Testie went for a really strong opening – Dark Templars. In theory that was already GG, Midas scouted it and opened with a two Factory strategy and Vultures. Testie adapted and added a Shuttle, dropping two Dark Templars seconds before the ComSat Station was up. Suddenly Midas had to defend and lost a lot of SCVs a long the way. Once the Dark Templar harass was over, the Korean found himself in an almost hopeless position – the Canadian already expanded and had almost twice the supply. The game lasted for another ten minutes before Testie could even the sccore in an otherwise less entertaining match. Paranoid Android, the deciding map, was played very conservative by both. Testie went for a Two Gateway Range Dragoon Build, very defensive, and Midas took his natural. Both split the map and tried to harass, but nothing really happened for about fifteen minutes. Testie slowly transitioned into Carriers and engaged hesitantly in battles. Both traded a few units without commiting fully. However, Midas slowly shot down Testie’s ground forces, while being able to defend the low number of carriers. It was a slow death for Testie.


Meanwhile, JulyZerg and Legend won their games, nobody really expected fantastic strategies or not so one sided games from these two, as their opponents were not really equal to them. Legend struggled, but eventually came through with a 2-1 against the Spanish veteran ZelotITO. The more interesting match was Poland vs. Korea, Part II. Draco was up against the „bus driver“ himself, surely a match he could not possibly win. However, Draco did beat both Mondragon and Midas only one day ago. Especially Midas faced an improved player, a guy who could come up with good moves on his own. The aggressive opening worked against a TvZ specialist, but would it work against the person who single handedly changed the Korean meta game?


Although Draco lost, it was the most memorable moment of almost any World Cyber Games. Androide beating Silent_Control was an uproar, but Silent_Control was no Bonjwa and did not win OSL and MSL golds, nor did he ever rule the Korean scene with an iron fist. Even with the Koreans dropping games in group stages, there was no way they would not play seriously in a Quarter Final, with all their reputation and the money on the line. It could be emberassing, not only because there was a live audience, but because the Korean TV stations covered it, and because Korea already experienced the „shame“ of two WCG years featuring foreigners beating professionals. This achievement, as small as it seems, could only be compared to FiSheYe’s silver medal in 2003. By now every Draco hater simply had to shut up.


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