Beyond the Game (3)

Mondragon’s inactivity and FiSheYe’s decline in skill during 2005 left a gap in the German scene. It wasn’t clear who the leading player was anymore. Both players still overtowered the masses, but Mondragon did not really participate regurlarly for a few months and FiSheYe, for the first time in years, seemed beatable.

Two players stood out, trying to fill the void, both being Zerg. The first one was Breakdown from Berlin, one of FiSheYe’s former team mates. However, Breakdown qualified for the Soltau tournament, but did not attend, hence more information is left out on him for now. The second Zerg to make an appearance combined several characteristics of FiSheYe and Mondragon. He was a new comer, just like Mondragon, and was „a guy like you and me“: Simon „Schnibl0r“ Münz. He had the will and the motivation to reach for the stars, was a known mass gamer on the WGTour ladder and improved rapidly. He shared the attitude to train hard and play as serious as he could, just like FiSheYe did. Both, FiSh and Schnibl0r later turned to poker and are still playing it professionally.

All in all, the favourites for the tournament were Mondragon, FiSheYe and Schnibl0r, exactly in this order. The clash between Mondragon and FiSheYe happened in the Winner’s Bracket Semi Finals, where Mondragon walked over FiSheYe, not giving him any chance. The game on Paranoid Android is still interesting to watch. Forgive me, that I could only find a third Person VOD with inferior quality.

Only one game before FiSheYe defeated Selector with a 2-1, it was a rather close record much to the surprise of the fans. That needs context. In 2003 Selector, already caught hacking multiple times, qualified for the Nationals via the online bracket. Needless to say, he was completely smashed in the offline arena. In 2005 he qualified again and even finished third. However, he did have a rather easy grid with Mondragon missing and both FiSheYe and Breakdown crushing him later on. Another chapter in the rage wars at – a hacker at WCG was an insult to the community. One news writer and former BWCL administrator, Lonic, summarized Selector’s career with „Caught hacking in 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005“ when he was forced to write something about the WCG 2005.

In 2006 the hacker seemed to be an outsider, but the one win against FiSheYe was just the beginning. In the lower bracket Selector suddenly played very well, taking out kAra (Germany A player, known for 2on2), mmmBop (former pro Gaming member and Germany A player), the newcomer iNfernal (Germany B at this time) and even Schnibl0r – all with 2-0 white washes. An outrage followed.

On the other side of the bracket another relatively well known Zerg made his way through the grid – Dashwriter. He had rather easy opponents and faced Mondragon in the overall finals. On first glimpse people might claim that this was grid luck, but Dashwriter was already a well established player within the German community. On the big international venues he often had bad luck, his tournament results were tons of first round losses against the eventual winners or runner ups, on the national scale he had a more than just decent clan league / nation wars records to show. A bit surprising, yet something most German fans liked. Dashwriter was the player to finally stop Selector, sadly a round to late. The eventual outcome: Mondragon qualified first, Dashwriter second, Selector third.

The aftermath was terrible. FiSheYe did really retire, a smart decision as it turned out. He was still a top notch player, but Poker offered him millions, Brood War not so much. However, the real loser of the three qualificants was Dashwriter. He finally had his big break through, a thing he trained a long time for, and everything was in vain coverage wise. The discussion revolved around Selector, Mondragon supporting Selector and people defending Selector, also the stubborn decision of to not lift Selector bans, who delivered proof he did not hack anymore. Selector everywhere, a person who did not deserve the attention he got. Other than that, it was the end of FiSheYe’s career and even GoOdy switching from Terran to Protoss was more present than Dashwriter’s story.

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